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About us:

Cheapbuy365 is an online store in China specializing in the supply of famous limited brand sneakers. We have the best price, good product quality and customer service. We are a one-stop shopping website. Payment and shipping are as convenient as domestic shopping.

Value for money: Get the best quality products for the least amount of money. Cheapbuy365 relies on strong relationships with finest manufacturers to provide you with high-quality products at ultra-low prices.

Quality Assurance:We will confirm the physical details of the product by email. Before we ship your order, you will receive six free high-quality pictures of the shipment, showing the front, back and side details of every product. We will ship your order to you after your confirmation. If you do not reply within 48 hours, we will assume you have confirmed the order and arrange international shipping. 

Efficient customer service: You can contact us by directly leave a messgae on website(by clicking the green icon on right bottom corner) or email (cheapbuy365official@gmail.com). We will always be here for both pre-sale and after-sale questions. Please notice our working time is 9AM-5PM (GMT+8).

Shopping Guide:

How to search for products

1. You can type the official item number of a specific product in search bar(the official product number could be find on retail websites like stockx.com)

2. If you want to search by brand, you can click "Product Category" to see the most popular brands on our website. If you can't find it, click "More Brands" to check other brands on cheapbuy365. We hope to bring you a convenient and pleasant shopping experience.



We have Sizing Guide in the Product Details Page. If you have any questions, please leave us a messgae on website (click the green icon on right bottom corner) or email us  at cheapbuy365official@gmail.com




1.When you decide to buy, click "Buy Now".

2.Enter the "Receipt Address" interface. Please fill in your correct delivery address and personal information so that you can get your own courier accurately and quickly.

3.We support several shipping methods at your choice. Each has different cost and estimated delivery time. You can choose the appropriate shipping method according to your need. Then click continue to payment to enter the payment page.

4.We support Paypal as our payment method. Just click "paypal" and follow the website guidance. 



Before we ship your order, we will help you to check the quality. We take photos from all angles of the product and send them to your registered email address on our website. Please confirm the quality and size within 48 hours. After receiving your email confirmation, we will start arranging international shipping. If you do not reply within 48 hours, we will assume you have confirmed the order and arrange international shipping.


How to track my package

After delivery, the international logistics order number will be updated into our website in about 3 business days.

1. Get the tracking number in “shipped order” of "My Orders" on the website.

2. Copy and paste the tracking number at https://www.17track.net/en to get the latest logistic information.


Shipping method and timeline:

The delivery time of the order to your country depends on the route you choose.

USPS: Special line only for US customers. The estimated shipping time is around 10-20 days. Most packages are charged by actual weight. However if the package's sum of length, width and height is larger than 90cm, package will be charged by volume weight. 

Canada Post: Special line for Canadian customers. The estimated delivery time is around 20-30 days, and it is charged according to the actual weight. Weight limit is 2 kg. 

EMS: The estimated shipping time is around 10-35 days. It is charged by actual weight. The first weight is shipped as 500g, and the additional weight is calculated as a unit of 500g (less than 500g is also measured as 500g).

E-Post: The estimated shipping time is around 20-40 days. It is charged according to the actual weight. Most countries have a 2kg weight limit on this route, but Israel and the UK have a 5kg weight limit and Russia has a 3kg weight limit.

FEDEX: The estimated shipping time is around 7-12 days, mainly for customers in the US, Canada and Mexico. It is charged according to the volume weight. For example, the actual weight of a pair of sports shoes is 1800g, but the packaging box (length × width × height)/5000, the volume weight may be 3000g. 

UPS: Estimated shipping time is around 10-15 days. It is charged according to the volume weight. 

DHL: Estimated shipping time is around 10-15 days. It is charged according to the volume weight. 


Principles of international logistics charging by volume:,

1. Volume weight (kg) = circumference L (cm) × width W (cm) × height H (cm )) / 5000

2. The actual weight is the weight displayed on the scale

3. The freight charged by the website is prepaid. If there is a large difference in shipping costs due to the difference between the actual weight and the volume weight, we will contact you in time


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